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The Monkeyseat

Motorsport Podcast

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Head of Aerodynamic Development


at Indycar Tino Belli joins us.

Episode 44

This week on the Monkeyseat! 

Karl and Tom talk all things

Extreme e with Veloce team Manager Ian Davies.



We discuss the future of Motorsport, the importance of sustainability, and just how you recover from a lap 1 shunt in a dessert! 


Episode 41

This week on the Monkeyseat! 

We discuss the past, present and future of Indycar/Cart and how the Aero regulations have changed. We get an insight in to what could be coming in the future, and the differences between Indycars Aeroscreen, and the F1 Halo system.


Episode 36

DS Techeetah -


Mark Preston Special

This week on the Monkeyseat!

Mark Preston

Team principle of DS Techeetah formula E team

joins us to discuss all things Formula E,

as well as his time in F1 with Arrows, Mclaren and Super Aguri.


Both drivers on track.jpg

Episode 25

Marc "ELVIS" Priestley special

To celebrate a quarter of a century of episodes we get a legend on the show in the form of Author, Journalist and ex McLaren mechanic Marc "Elvis" Priestley. 


Marc shares stories from a decade at Mclaren including:

Turning Kimi Räikkönen in to a smurf

How to piss off Ron Dennis

and his thoughts on current Formula 1.


We also talk about the Harvest Grand Prix at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and catch up with all the news around motorsport.


Catch up with us on all the socials @monkeyseatpod 

Stat Man.jpg

Episode 32

The Statman Strikes BAck

Tonight we welcome back Statman Sean Kelly for a review of the season so far.

Sean hilariously takes us through the record books in a non stop thrill ride of facts and figures.


We get to meet the Rival Pod Cat Peanut, otherwise known as Stat Cat, and we find out some genuinely interesting insights in to the post Covid world of Formula 1. This is one not to miss folks.

Episode 11

F1 Preview with Stat Man Sean Kelly

F1 is back! and to celebrate we have the legend that is Sean Kelly - Stat Man extraordinaire, direct from his San Diego closet.

Sean talks about life before F1, how he got the golden ticket, and just how much work goes in to his current role. As well as previewing the season Karl and Tom put your questions to him to see how much he really does know. Sean returns the favour and makes Tom look stupid though so all is fair in love and war. Thank you to Sean @virtualstatman for being part of this show. 


IndyCar Preview


Stefan Wilson

Now Live!

Episode 7

Here what Stefan has to say about:

The upcoming Indy Car series 

His roots in Motorsport.

What leading the Indy 500 was like.

What his top 5 races of all time are,

and much more on the special preview podcast of The Monkeyseat


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