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Image Courtesy of Formula One



Predict the pole sitter, fastest race lap, and the podium positions

1 point for each correct answer.

2 additional points per correct podium position prediction

11 points available per race weekend.

9 bonus points awarded to anyone joining the league after 04/08/2020 when 1st prize was announced. 1 additional point added to the starting bonus each race week there after.

Have Fun!

The boring bit

Positions will be defined after penalties have been handed out, so for example if someone takes pole on track and has a 5 place grid drop, the person promoted to pole takes the point. 

Equally if a driver crosses the line first but after the race is awarded a penalty, the confirmed race result will be used.

If a racer is disqualified or has a penalty rescinded at a later date under appeal, the effected scores will be adjusted in retrospect.

If prizes are awarded and there is a tie between 2 people, the player who reached the total first will take precedence, unless this cannot be established, in which case the Quiz Master will decide the means of award.

First Prize                                Second Prize

ROKiT IO Pro 3D Phone + Buds


Mclaren Mp4/4 Original Print

2nd prize.jpg

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League total points as things stand!

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